Charlito’s Cocina and The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop

Have you ever heard of  I looooooove this site.  Fab.comMy first purchase from Fab was this super fun Explore America poster by the Anderson Design Group.  It lives in a lovely, vintage gray frame in my living room.  A few of my other purchases include a 2 year subscription to Clean Eating Magazine {for 13 bucks!} and this amazing sausage that arrived in the mail this past Friday!

Trufa Seca from Charlito's Cocina

Trufa Seca Sausage

It’s a dry cured black truffle sausage called Trufa Seca.  It came from Charlito’s Cocina, a charcuterie based out of Long Island City in New York.  I love their food ethics in that they “strive to create delicious, shelf stable foods using the cleanest, most well raised ingredients possible.”  All the meat they use is 100% pasture raised, heritage breed pork and the salt they use is all hand harvested fleur de sel.  {Good stuff!}

Trufa Seca from Charlito's Cocina

Now, one of the millions of things that I love about Justin is how willing he is to try new things with me.  So, off we went to find a new delicious cheese to go with our new sausage {which we had no idea if we’d even like}.  We headed to a little cheese shop that we found through a friend’s Facebook post {hello, social media!} called The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop.

The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop

It was absolutely wonderful!  They work with other local specialty and food shops so that you can purchase and enjoy crafted cheeses, charcuterie, chocolate, crackers, and wine!  It’s a cute little shop with tables to sit at and lots and lots of yummy cheeses to try.  We sampled a few goat’s milk cheeses {my favorite} and we ended up buying a few ounces of Garrotxa!  It’s a goat’s milk cheese produced in the Catalonia region in northern Spain and it has definitely become one of my absolute favorites!  {We all know I love cheese…from here, here, and here…so to be an absolute favorite of mine means a lot!}

Garrotxa and Trufa Seca

So…together {and separately of course}, the Garrotxa and the Trufa Seca were DELICIOUS!!!  It took everything we had not to eat all of it in one sitting!  Sometimes these little adventures really pay off {thanks}.  So, if you ever find yourself in Long Island City, New York, visit Charlito’s Cocina.  Then buy some Trufa Seca sausage!  {Or buy it here.}  And if you’re ever in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, visit The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop.  And buy some Garrotxa cheese!  Then enjoy them both with some yummy crisp crackers and someone you love…