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Frankie from UnrulyBliss.comAnyone who knows me at all, knows that I have two babies, one human and one canine.  The human one is adorable and super fun, but today I’m going to talk about the canine one.  Frankie is my first true “furbaby love” and the most wonderful pup I’ve ever known.  He doesn’t do any particularly cool or amazing tricks and he certainly isn’t going to win a swimming contest anytime soon, but this dog loves me unconditionally, and that sorta blows my mind.  Frankie is a Boston Terrier and I tend to be obsessed with anything BT related.

So a few months ago I pinned an awesome pillow with a text outline of a Boston Terrier on it {to my All Things Boston Terrier” board} and the company that made the pillow saw it!  {How cool is that?!?!}

Dog City & Co.

The company is called Dog City & Co. and they have some really, really cool things for sale on their site.  They’ve created an original line of fun and creative products for pet lovers designed by the company’s owner, Niki Crowe.

Hoodies, Tanks, and Tees from Dog City & Co.

What’s really cool is the company is extremely active with canine charities.  They donate a portion of every sale to animal rescues as well as work directly with non-profits to help them raise much needed funds.

Totes, Mugs, iPhones Cases from Dog City & Co.

Dog City & Co. is also committed to staying 100% USA made and they manufacture all of their products in Chicago, IL. using American made materials and eco-friendly inks whenever possible.  They sound exactly like the kind of company I’d like to buy from!  {I’ve already started pinning items from their site to my ‘secret’ Christmas board.}

Prints, Decals, Magnets from Dog City & Co.

Boston Terrier Tote from Dog City & Co.The lovely folks at Dog City & Co. sent me this super fantastic tote with a Boston Terrier on it and I absolutely love it!  It’s a great size at 15″x15″ with a 4″ wide bottom that is flat, much better than those 2 sided totes with no bottom.  I haven’t been much of a backpack girl since high school so this tote has been perfect for carrying my lunch and books in to work!

The great news is, I’m not the only lucky one to get one of these bad boys!  You can have one too {for FREE}!  All you need to do is head over to Dog City & Co. and check out the different breed options they offer {and while you’re at it…snoop around for a little early holiday shopping}.

Leave a comment below {click “comments” at the bottom of this post or in the Leave a Message box} with what breed you’d like and we’ll choose a random winner on Friday, October 4th! 

Have a great week and don’t forget to give your pooch a smooch!

Dog City & Co Giveaway at


Layered Jam Cakes {and Our Baby Girl Arrived!}

I just happen to have one of the most thoughtful brothers that any girl could ask for in that he is always sending me the coolest stuff!  Recently, he sent us a gourmet box of cheeses {that were incredible} and a small crate of gourmet jams and jellies.  We had a blast sharing our cheeses with friends and family {apparently people LOVE cheese parties} but the jams and jellies weren’t getting nearly the same attention.  It was obvious that they would be around for awhile unless we made a point to use them.  I remembered seeing this recipe in a magazine on our coffee table so my Super Baker hubby committed to making these little babies for my birthday!  These delectable little cakes were delicious in a very-hard-to-eat-just-one sort of way.  So be warned…  {How awesome would these be at a party or BBQ?!}

Layered Jam Cakes
Click HERE for the recipe!

Layered Jam Cakes from

Layered Jam Cakes from

Our baby girl arrived!

I posted my last recipe on June 8th, a Saturday afternoon.  The next day, Justin and I went and had a crawfish boil with my parents at a new place here in Loveland called Mo’ Betta Gumbo.  {It was delicious and I can’t wait to go back to try more of their Cajun/Creole menu!}  I think it was the gumbo that convinced baby girl that she should come out 5 days early and join the world and all the yummy food it has to offer!

After a pretty easy labor and a ten minute delivery, Savannah Jane arrived on Monday night at 9pm sharp and completely melted our hearts.  Here is a look at me throughout my pregnancy and then a shot of our sweet lil’ bug.


Savannah Jane


Ultimate Quick Guide for Storing Produce

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned that she keeps her bread on her kitchen counter.  I was baffled by this.  Justin and I have always kept our bread in the refrigerator, so I was quite skeptical and of course…I ‘Googled’ it.  Did you know that bread should be stored on the counter?!  This made me start to wonder about what else we were storing incorrectly and it turns out, quite a lot!  So I scoured the internet and made this lovely little handy guide for how to store your produce.  I hope you find it useful!

Ultimate Quick Guide for Storing Produce from

Produce images drawn by me, TiAn.
Information sources: here, here, here, here, and here.


Keepin’ It Zesty

Hello lovely readers!  Sorry for the two week vacation from the blog…but I was on an actual real live vacation in Florida.  Justin and I went on a lovely “babymoon” and attended the wedding of one of my best girlfriends.  We had an amazing time and it actually made me miss Florida {where I was born and raised} more than I ever thought I would or could.  Maybe I just miss the people that I love.  Or the beach.  Or the seafood.  Who knows.

But while I was away, I decided to write a few non-recipe posts that I will be putting out this week.  Posts on tricks and tips I’ve learned over the last few years and the kitchen gadgets I just can’t live without.

Kitchen Tip: Freeze Your Citrus!

I have a love/hate relationship with my citrus zester.  I either don’t push down hard enough or the citrus is too mushy and I barely get any results.  So I started to freeze my citrus when I knew I would need to zest it for a recipe later that day.  Now I just keep a few lemons and limes on hand in the freezer and it’s SO much easier to zest them.  I’ll even save just the rinds of ones that I’ve juiced.  Try it.  :)

Freeze your citrus and make zesting it easier!


Charlito’s Cocina and The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop

Have you ever heard of  I looooooove this site.  Fab.comMy first purchase from Fab was this super fun Explore America poster by the Anderson Design Group.  It lives in a lovely, vintage gray frame in my living room.  A few of my other purchases include a 2 year subscription to Clean Eating Magazine {for 13 bucks!} and this amazing sausage that arrived in the mail this past Friday!

Trufa Seca from Charlito's Cocina

Trufa Seca Sausage

It’s a dry cured black truffle sausage called Trufa Seca.  It came from Charlito’s Cocina, a charcuterie based out of Long Island City in New York.  I love their food ethics in that they “strive to create delicious, shelf stable foods using the cleanest, most well raised ingredients possible.”  All the meat they use is 100% pasture raised, heritage breed pork and the salt they use is all hand harvested fleur de sel.  {Good stuff!}

Trufa Seca from Charlito's Cocina

Now, one of the millions of things that I love about Justin is how willing he is to try new things with me.  So, off we went to find a new delicious cheese to go with our new sausage {which we had no idea if we’d even like}.  We headed to a little cheese shop that we found through a friend’s Facebook post {hello, social media!} called The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop.

The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop

It was absolutely wonderful!  They work with other local specialty and food shops so that you can purchase and enjoy crafted cheeses, charcuterie, chocolate, crackers, and wine!  It’s a cute little shop with tables to sit at and lots and lots of yummy cheeses to try.  We sampled a few goat’s milk cheeses {my favorite} and we ended up buying a few ounces of Garrotxa!  It’s a goat’s milk cheese produced in the Catalonia region in northern Spain and it has definitely become one of my absolute favorites!  {We all know I love cheese…from here, here, and here…so to be an absolute favorite of mine means a lot!}

Garrotxa and Trufa Seca

So…together {and separately of course}, the Garrotxa and the Trufa Seca were DELICIOUS!!!  It took everything we had not to eat all of it in one sitting!  Sometimes these little adventures really pay off {thanks}.  So, if you ever find yourself in Long Island City, New York, visit Charlito’s Cocina.  Then buy some Trufa Seca sausage!  {Or buy it here.}  And if you’re ever in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, visit The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop.  And buy some Garrotxa cheese!  Then enjoy them both with some yummy crisp crackers and someone you love…


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