Bruschetta Chicken

I was trying to pick out what to cook last Friday when I decided to let Justin choose for once.  He chose very well!  I ended up making Bruschetta Chicken which turned out to be incredibly easy and very delicious!  I already had all of the ingredients on hand and decided to use some broccoli that was hiding in the bottom of my veggie drawer before it went bad.  This broccoli recipe is my all-time favorite.  With it’s crisp texture and lemony and Parmesan flavoring, I’ve converted the most avid broccoli haters into broccoli lovers!  {I’m serious.  The recipe comes from Adam Roberts over at The Amateur Gourmet.  He says this, “You won’t miss it: the magic combo of the crispy broccoli, the garlic, the lemon and the cheese will make this the best broccoli of your life. I guarantee it; you will go ga-ga over it. I’m so ga-ga over it that I would seriously consider a trip right now to the store just so I could make this for lunch. Broccoli for lunch? After trying this, you’ll never want to eat anything else for breakfast, lunch or dinner ever again.”}

As for the chicken, make it.  It’s incredibly easy…I recommend it for anyone who doesn’t feel like too much work but still wants a great meal!  Enjoy!

Bruschetta Chicken
Click HERE for the recipe!


  • Momma

    I checked out your friends websites. It was very interesting and a nice job well done. Hi to Ebony and Drea. Hope the two of you visit sometime soon…love to have you. Think of you guys often.

    T, P.S. We will be having Bruchetta chicken and lemon asparagus for dinner tonight. Sorry, you and Justin missed the home cooked onion soup bowl and a sourdough roll with roast beef slices with provolone cheese, both finished in the broiler. Love to all,