A Very Happy Thanksgiving! Recipes and Printables

I had several people ask me this year what recipes I would be making for Thanksgiving.  Despite being a type A borderline freak show planner, I don’t plan out holiday meals very far in advance.  I think it’s because since the kitchen has become such a happy place for me, I tend to save stressful meals for the last minute, thus not having to stress for very long beforehand.  Make sense?  Well in any case, here is what we ended up making for our Thanksgiving meal.  Every recipe came out delicious {and 4 of them were made at the same exact time by myself and Justin in under 2 hours, the pumpkin cheesecake was made the night before}.

Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

We ate at my mom’s house where she had made a ham, a turkey, croissants, and stuffing!

Ideas For Next Year {Pinterest Alert!}

Simple Thanksgiving Craft: Gratitude Garland / Free Download from SomewhatSimple.com

Thanksgiving Printables / Free Downloads from TheSweetestOccasion.com

Wall Art and Table Placecards / Free Downloads from SharonRowanPhotoDesign.blogspot.com

A Grateful Heart Printable / Free Printable from LandeeSeeLandeeDo.com


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of gratitude, good food, and happy memories!



A Crafty Halloween

For Halloween this year, me and a bestie got together and made ourselves some homemade wreaths.  My initial feeling about this is that wreath making, or decor making of any kind really, initiates me into the Old Ladies Crafters Club.  But with my friend sitting across the table from me making a wreath at the same time, I didn’t feel so old or uncool.  I felt darn crafty and it was really fun!  Here are a few pictures of both of our wreaths and links to where we got our ideas.  Underneath those, I’ve posted a few of my homemade Halloween cards.  The jury is still out on whether or not card making is ‘cool,’ but I like doing it anyways!

My Halloween wreath {idea from HERE}

Nicole’s Halloween wreath {idea from HERE}

My homemade Halloween cards

Have a…


DIY Foyer Wall

My husband built me a foyer wall!  It took him quite a bit longer than expected, but he did it!  And it’s beautiful and perfect and better than what I expected.  I’ve never seen him use many power tools before {other than a drill} but he attacked this project with no fear and the attitude of a woodworking lumberjack.  He’s officially my hero and I’ve already got him lined up to build me a console, coffee, and end table.  We’ll see how successful those come out!  {grins}

Here are a few “before” and “after” shots.  We still haven’t figured out what’s going to live on the shelf there but I’m excited to finally have a place to hang Christmas stockings.

For those of you wanting the steps on how to do this, visit Sada Lewis’s website HERE.

Oh and for anyone who scoffed at my 2012 DIY List, we’ve finished four out of twelve so we’re right on track!

The “Before”

The “After”



Pinterest Parties!

Back in the day, to join Pinterest you had to wait months for an invite from whatever magical person sent them out.  I remember requesting an invite and then forgetting about it until I got it a month later.  By that point, my interest had dwindled and I didn’t care so much about it.  So another month passed before I really even logged on to see what it was all about.

It’s such a simple concept…’pinning’ images to boards for others to see and repin.  But my goodness, what an impact it has had.  Especially for businesses, small and big, and bloggers too {like me}.  I find myself spending hours just scrolling through and pinning and falling in love with everything I see.  But beyond the simple act of pinning, Pinterest has helped me formed bonds with fellow crafters and DIY-ers {I’m not alone!}.  We have such a wonderful time sitting around talking, eating food {recipes from Pinterest}, and crafting up a storm {all ideas from Pinterest}.

We have a “Pin Party” every 3 months and we rotate who hosts it.  We’ve done a few where everyone coming chooses a project and then everyone else brings their own supplies for it.  This has resulted in our Pin Party lasting 4 to 5 hours and we would still have projects left over untouched.  So this last time, we decided that the host would choose the projects and supply the craft materials for everyone coming.  Then everyone else would bring the food.  Either way we do it, it’s always a great time.  Here are some pictures from the last 3 parties we’ve done.  I’ve included links to Pinterest, so if you like, you can find the projects to do for yourself!

Button Barette

Map Art

Menu Board

Stuffed Strawberries

First Wedding Dance Song Lyrics Tree w/Initials

Photo Blocks

Mimosa with Frozen Blackberries

Citrus Salt Body Scrub

Post It Board

Carrot Coconut Bread with Cream Cheese Glaze

Braided T-Shirt Scarf

Jar Etching


My 2012 DIY List

I have made a decision.  A big one.  I have WAY too many DIY projects lying around my house because I accumulate them and then let them die a slow death in a corner of the garage or down in the basement.  So my decision is this:  I am going to finish 12 DIY projects by the end of 2012.  “How?” you ask?  Well with the help of my handy husband and my super crafty girlfriend of course!  My handy husband will be my back up paint brush {I can paint for maybe an hour before I get bored} and my crafty girlfriend will teach me to sew better {she’s magical with those machines}.  I’m extremely excited about working on everything and showing the progress as things come along.  I created a list below for you to see and a few pictures of what is in store.  So stay tuned!  {Oh and I am very excited to say that I can check off number one from the list!  See the pics below!}

1.  Paint kitchen shelves – I’ve got number one done!!!  I stained them a green color similar to the shelf in the background that we bought from Etsy.

2. Sand and paint office shelving unit - We got this for free from Justin’s mom’s house.  We have no idea whose it was or who treated it so poorly.
But it’s solid wood and I’m going to give it a whole new life!

3. Sand and paint vintage cabinet - I bought this little lovely for 30 bucks from an antiques shop.  I’m pretty excited about this one.  I’m going to sand it, stain it white, distress it, and use it as a small buffet/cabinet in our kitchen ‘nook.’

4. Paint window frame and find some photos - I purchased this window frame for 35 cents at Recycled Resources, a local ‘scrap’ shop for home goods like cabinets, frames, doors, etc.  I am going to paint it and somehow suspend photographs in each opening.  I’ve got a few ideas but nothing decided yet…

5. Paint office - We’re kind of torn with this room, but we’re loving this green color right now:

6. Paint living room wall - We’re thinking of doing multiple walls in this color scheme:

7. Paint kitchen nook - Another one we’re torn on.  The kitchen has a country/vintage feel…so maybe this color:

8. Build foyer project - This is my favorite project!  It will most likely be done by Justin while I supervise like a champ.  It’s a DIY coat/shelf wall that I found on Sada Lewis’s website.  This first image is of the wall we’re going to build it on and the second image is from Sada’s home and is hopefully what ours will look like when it’s done!

9. Paint picture for stairwell - I found a painting that was a bit out of my budget.  Hopefully I can recreate something on my own that I love just as much as this Flower Market one.  {The image has been instagrammed.  It doesn’t really have a thick black border.}

10., 11., & 12. Sew curtains for the kitchen, office, and living room –
This is where my beautiful friend Nicole comes in…  I’m really liking these fabrics, shown in the order as listed:

Well so what do you think?!  You’re thinking I’ll have no problem getting all these projects done, right?  Me too!  Although any words of encouragement will always be appreciated…


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