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    Looking for a new dish. gig,big,prc

    What is “J” cooking?

  • Joe Romans

    Hi TiAn,
    Your dad sent me to your website. I didn’t realize that you were so into cooking. Your website is very well done and your recipes look fantastic. I can’t wait to try your “herbed chicken with goat cheese.


  • Momma

    Well, again, T’s recipes were a big hit at the Gurr household. In fact, Charlie thinks I am going to cook all week. Big surprise for him…I am done and well done!
    But the Grilled Flank Steak Pinwheels were absoutely out of this world for taste. Of course, had hubby do all of the chopping ahead of time.
    The Artichokes with lemon pepper were fantastic. I do believe the sauce is a wonderful touch to the artichokes. In the past we did them differently. Regarding the sauce again, it would be a great dipping sauce on other foods. The recipe stated to put the artichokes in the fridge for one hour but we liked ours warm and dipped in the sauce. Great…try it, you will do it again and again.
    Thanks to T.


    Still waiting for you and “J’s cooking….. gig,big,prc

  • ebony

    Hey, you should add more soups! I’m looking for a delicious tortilla soup…

  • Vikki

    What about some GREAT Hamburgers?????
    I need recipes on HAMBURGERS never had here in Tennessee~~~~

  • jeni

    Hello! I first came across ypur site looking for pumpkin dog treats , I have a red-brindle female boston terrier. My husband and I were driving home about for weeks ago and saw this little dog running at us so we stopped and opened the door, well she jumped right in! No tags and underweight and had ticks so we brought her home! We named her Petunia. She is healthy, tick free, and happy now and so are we!!!!! I’m not a great cook myself but cant wait to try some of these for us humans and my sweet fur baby!!!!! Nice to ” meet you”.

  • Hi Jeni! What a great story! Petunia sounds like she was meant for you two. :) That just makes me so happy to hear. If she is anything like my fur baby Frankie, then she should love the pumpkin treats. And I am not the best cook either so it’s rare that I will post something on here that wasn’t relatively simple or easy! I hope you find something you enjoy. Nice to “meet you” too!