My name is TiAn and I work for a marketing company based out of Boston although I live in Colorado about an hour north of Denver.  I started this blog five years ago when I was learning how to cook and could barely boil water.  Nowadays I cook at least five nights a week but I am still terrible at making up my own recipes.  {Not for lack of trying though!}

Here’s a little more about me…

I paint canvases that will most likely turn out very nice but I never finish them {still fun somehow}.

I write things that no one ever sees.

I take pictures, a lot of pictures, with my fancy camera {that I really don’t know how to use}.

I craft things that I usually always give away.

I grow flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables that actually live {I’ve sprouted a green thumb}!  For real.  Check it out here.

I travel to places in my head that I can’t afford to go to in real life.

I am completely obsessed with my Boston Terrier Frankie.

I am in awe of my husband Justin and how much he loves me {like seriously, I have a really, really, really good husband}.

I organize my spice cabinet and even have note cards taped inside the doors with what spice is on each shelf.

I am a new mother to a sweet baby girl named Savannah.  {WHOA!}

And I wish more than anything to live a simpler life and be happy with just the things that I have.  {Very important to me.}

Oh and to be praised for what I cook of course!

Nice to meet you!

Mr. Amazing

My Boston Terrier, Frankie!

  • Ignacio bums

    neat neat…love to see all you have…you just might get sesame chicken and sesame green bean dishes, etc and all other southern and midwestern food recipes

    lub U

  • Drew

    Wow!!! What a refreshing site. I am excited to view the upcoming recipies and love the combinations of the different recipies used. WELL DONE!!!!

  • Drea

    Wow TiAn! good for you! I will probably be stealing some recipes from you and I may send some your way. I am by no means a great cook, but we get by and I can follow a recipe. Maybe I will just have you come over and cook for us! hope everything goes well and can’t wait to see all your successes

  • Ignacio bums

    Lookin forward to chicken

  • Ignacio bums

    Are you cookin soon??????

  • Daiana

    I think this is a fantastic idea. I will be on this website in search of a new recipes. Believe It!! You would think that after being married for 5 years with a man that also loves to eat I would know how to whip up just about anything , right? Not to mention I have a child and one on the way. NOpe… I struggle to make up new and creative meal ideas every week. Sure, there’s a few meals I make that are yummy and every enjoyable , but most of them are you’re typical chicken, steak, or port with veggies and some other random side. Not very creative. I even watch all the food networks and travel channels hoping I get some inspiration but I always come up with NOTHING. So thanks for this website I will be here being nosey. I like how easy you make it seem. Thanks

  • Ignacio bums

    Mom, fixed the chicken brus last night and it was GREAT! Thx.. gig,big,prc

  • you seriously are cute as a button! our stories are similar… i may never have ruined a tuna bake, but i have burned top ramen. don’t ask, i’m still not sure how.


    Sounds GREAT….. Enjoy and will try when we get home. gig,big,prc lubu 2

  • Sis

    Great site, sis! I don’t cook (it is a chore!), but love to eat, so will pass recipes to the cook in my life:>)

  • Ananda

    Honey! this is awesome! i’m so stoked for you!!!!!! I cant wait to try it all out!

  • Sarah

    TiAn, you are so lovely and adorable! I love your fresh and joyful website, and all the photos and little stories! Thanks for keeping a good thing going… I will enjoy this site regularly.

  • Thank you Sarah! I hoped you would like it! :)

  • Katie Nester

    Okay, okay – if I didn’t already love you, your intro would make me fall for you. :)

  • Gurr Dar

    You and J are so special and becoming great cooks! Thanks for all you do and suceed. To my best!


  • Stefalex1512

    TiAn, I love the website! You are so talented. You have a beautiful life and I am so happy for you.
    love you,

  • Random one

    I must say, I’m really impressed by your work. Don’t ever stop doing it, it’s amazing!